there is a sea that's kept inside

a seed to remember home by

so when earth becomes all you know

you'll house an ocean home below





Catherine Frances - Mer
Catherine Frances - Deep Blue Sea XII.jpg

Behind the Seas

The Deep Blue Sea is a portrait and seascape series. It's part of The Mermaid Gallery, an online gallery of mythically inspired art and artefacts.

Although some photos appear to be taken underwater, they were lit by the light of my cellphone's torch, a flood lamp and some fairy lights. Most were taken in the dead of night on a blanket on the floor. I make my work using simple objects to create fantastical tales, just as I did as a child. 


Catherine Frances - Deep Blue Sea Mer BW.jpg


The Artist

Sea Frances is a photographer and fine artist based in South Africa. 

She specialises in singing sailors to sleep, morphing into mystical beings and invoking the spirit of delight.

As a child she was deeply affected by Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid, who leaves her life at sea and mermaidery for a human soul. Unlike the Disney version, she dissolves into sea foam in the end. Enchanted by the ocean, Catherine moved to the coast for several years. Her fascination with myths and magic can be seen in her otherworldly work.


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